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  • MAJACRAFT dynamic heddle loom

    The Majacraft Dynamic Heddle loom enables innovative new weaving. Instead of a fixed set of reeds, our reed segments are individually machined to different dent sizes.

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  • Little loom 'Junior' 30 cm weaving width, 4 harnesses

    Little loom 'Junior' 30 cm weaving width 4 harnesses, to weave samples, also for children.

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  • Inkle weaving Wikipedia

    Inkle weaving is a type of warp-faced weaving where the shed is created by manually raising or lowering the warp yarns, some of which are held in place by fixed ...

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  • Loom Wikipedia

    They produce such things as belts, ponchos, ... Rapier loom: This type of weaving is very versatile, in that rapier looms can weave using a large variety of threads.